Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby's Gallery Grand Opening

Here i write about something that happened a month ago. Its the Grand Opening of Baby's Gallery which is on the 5th December 2009. It was my first time experiencing such excitement and horror facing the large horde of humans. T.T

Check out the cameras in different angles.

Entrance: Before the Massive Grand Opening Sales Begins which is at 2.00pm

Counter View:
Before it begins~

When it Begins~~~
The Aftermath of the counter... See how much it was push inward.

Overall View:

and here are the rest~~~

Effort Shown in a short amount of time~~ T.T

August 2009

December 2009

Tell me, Can you see the huge Difference?? Can you Can you????
The first one is taken in August 2009. The other one is December 2009.

Started from Scratch.. Now we're up and Runnin~~

Baby's Gallery, Ladies and Gentlemen.. ^^

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry Baby!

Sorry for not updating lately.. I've gotten a new interesting job and its taking 80% of my daily life at the moment. But I kinda Like it. ^^...

Currently doing minor updates whenever I can. Hope you'll continue to stay tuned for more updates.

Once business is on the run, I should have more time. ^^
I am currently Working with an interesting boss. Why? I bet he's the boss with the most smiling faces I can ever find. Whenever I need to meet him, There's always this tension around until I see him face to face, its kinda relaxing. But still, He's a successful man and also a successful boss so there's still got to be some 'Boss' in him.. you know, Cause he's the man... haha.

I'll be spending most of my time running this new concept store in Bintang Megamall Miri. Come and look for me if you need special mothercare services. We are moving towards one of the best baby care services and the one stop baby safe outlet. At the mean time, we're working towards that goal. Please bare with us for any inconvenience caused. We'll do our best to provide you with the best services.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Borneo Rainforest Sarawak

Early this month, I went to Borneo Rainforest Resort Sarawak together with few friends and Raymond's family members. Borneo Rainforest is a new resort built not long (within 5 years) by a Plantation Nursery Owner. The name of the plantation Nursery is Kai Nguong(M) SDN BHD. Beware of the "(M)" as "M / S / ..." shows the different.

Sounds nice isn't it? Well, for a Mirian, not been to this place makes me incomplete. ^^ Just like many others who have been there said, "its kinda disappointing". Basically, its just like a Hotel in the middle of the forest. Very little has been done yet to make it different from other hotel.
There's quite a few chalet thats interesting.

The Multi Purpose Hall: Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and a Stage

Unlike Lambir, There's Changing room and toilet available even in the forest.
you can change and have a swim in the waterfall just next to it.

The tour briefing. Ms Chan was very attentive..

No matter what, its is a new place for organisations to carry out events and functions. You know, Miri has limited place to hold such parties. Now we got something new and its back into the forest. How nice..I met Mr. David Lee and his family here. Such a wonderful
coincidence. Its good to see him. By the way, He's a very good
lecturer of mine back in my Uni times.

Oh, its kinda pricy depending on what you intend to do there. If you're holding an event, staying overnight, camping or such, the price can be reasonable depending on the details of what you're asking for. But if you're intending to go for a day trip, I would suggest that, "Lambir National Park" can liau la..

Camping Site. Cheap Cheap but not really camping. Why?

Toilet, washroom, stove and kitchen available. Nothing survival about it.

I went there for a noon - evening package inclusive of tea time. Its RM 25. During Tea time, there's little food and many people. So we don't get to eat. Lambir Cost RM 10 for the whole day. of course, without the snack time. There's also RM 50 (inclusive of lunch and snack) and RM65 (Breakfast, lunch, snack). If you dont mind about the food, 25 would be enough for you to run through basically everything.

These are the snacks.

Most of us we're just thinking the same thing as Raymond.

Can you Spot Ms Chan?

Here's some nice nature pics taken with Nikon D40.

Oh, another thing thats good is that, you still get signal under the trees

Another good usage of Trees.. Aunty can't stand the hot and heaty atmosphere

There's just something wrong with this pic. I tot it was my skills.. But i realize, its the people inside. LOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a popular site for couples to take wedding pictures. I worked a while in a wedding studio, the couples are always wearing tux and gauns. So thats the difference..

Look how wet we were..

Ms Chan starts to whine...

The trailer service.. all you see is greens and all you eat is DUST!

The cramped trailer service

Yea man, I agree with you!

After a long dust eating walk, Ray and TMK kinda lost themself liau.. Cant wait to get to the boat.

and here it is, another cramped boat service.

Chill mah man.. We totally agrees

What do you notice here apart from a cramped boat..
Ms Chan was Standing afterall..

The views on my left and right.....

After we stopped and went on shore, and took another dust eating service..

Ms Chan goes..

This time, with a very emo face..

We cant help it but to agrees to her as we can't digest the emoness..

Thats when we took another cool pic before we left for good. Cheers.

Cheers. (Photographer: Raymond's Koko)

PS: Everything said in this post my be true and may not be. It has been edited to ensure you have a nice smiling readings. Except for Ms Chan, everything she said was true.. and I am sure she's not smiling now. either Laughing out Loud or on her way to silence me forever.

Cheeeeeeerssssss~~~ MS Chan, consider this your farewell back to uni and complete your final sem!..

Friday, June 5, 2009


Can Duck Swim? Can Ducks and Fish coexist? here's your answer ^^

DUCKIes' ASSESOPS... I Forgot to mention eel too.. =P